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2011-02-13 06:19 pm

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Somebody remind me to get ice trays or an ice maker for my room? Or to start keeping frozen peas around...
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2011-02-08 03:19 am


Had to get rid of some singed ends, got carried away.
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2011-02-07 06:45 pm

Text to Cammie

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2011-02-07 12:35 pm


Jan has just threatened me with a Glee marathon. Should I be finding new, undiscovered corners of the mansion?
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2009-10-19 09:48 pm

Being a Grownup.

So I'm thinking of buying a house or a condo. I'm trying to think up pros and cons for this idea. So of course I turn to the journal system. You guys know everything, right?
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2009-09-14 02:20 pm

Dear Students!

And anybody else who may have a snide remark. I have been speaking to a few of you over the last month or so about the New Mutants. There was actually a reason behind my nosiness.

I plan to approach the professor about taking on a role as mentor for the New Mutants. Mr. Marko and Mr. Kane did a beautiful job of getting the program up and running, but I kind of think you need a little more to keep it in a forward direction.

Before I even approach the prof, I have some questions for the students, or anybody who has any ideas, really.

If I am approved as the guide for the New Mutants, what would you want or expect out of me? What do you expect out of the New Mutants?
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2009-08-23 04:21 pm

Left at the Gibney/de la Rocha suite door.

A small package with a card addressed to Manuel on top.

The card reads:

I saw your announcement regarding teaching, so I thought I might give you something to make your life a little easier, for the students' sakes. In the package you'll find a set of noise dampening head phones, about Valentia-sized. That way the munchkin can play Dancing Queen all day long and you don't have to hear a note.

I think you're an ass, but Valentia, the only person in the world under the age of ten who doesn't scare the pants off of me, thinks the world of you. I think the world of her, so I'm assuming you're just that way around Amara and myself. I don't know what has caused us to clash so explosively, but I would like to see if we can adjust to at least be civil to each other. We both love Valentia, and we will be colleagues this coming school year. I believe it would serve us both well.

Tabitha Smith
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2009-04-01 11:53 am

Good Afternoon!

I just feel really good today. A little like dancing, really.

Sorry about opening the library late. There was an errand I had to do.
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2009-01-30 05:56 pm

Well Hello There

Greetings students, staff, friends, neighbors, compatriots and that lone pain in my backside. I am back, again.

You, that awakening this morning. It was nice to see you again, but jumping over couches when you don't know who or what is on the other side isn't very wise. I think you scared twenty years off of us both.

Also, I possibly should have told someone besides Dani that I was coming back. Can someone please let me into my room?
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2008-09-21 01:55 pm

I'm loading up the bus!

It's a call for late afternoon IHOP and the VW feels horrifically large with just me in it. Anybody up for some waffles?
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2008-06-08 08:11 pm


Anybody out there willing to teach me how to swim?
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2008-04-28 07:39 pm

Ow, ow, ow.

I've stopped wanting to puke every time I move my knee, but that's about all I can say.

I look and feel as if I've gone fifteen rounds with Evander Holyfield. I really got my ass handed to me and-

Crying makes my face hurt even more, but I think I'll stop soon.

Jane? Our training sessions are going to be on hold for a while.
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2008-04-13 03:54 pm

Uh, Dani?

I was so busy planning for your birthday that I forgot it was also tax day.



There may be a slight delay in the birthday plans.
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2008-04-06 10:51 am

Overlsept, whoops.

Dani kept me out until insane hours, but it was so worth it. Dinner was fabulous and the concert was lots of fun. I may have to get out more often.
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2008-02-24 09:12 am
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It's a BEAUTIFUL Sunday, Folks.

Who wants to join me for a run? Ice cream sandwiches for a treat at the end of five miles!
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2008-01-23 02:56 am


Why does it feel like every time I post on this thing is because I can't sleep?

Insomnia SUCKS.
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2007-12-30 11:39 pm

This is where I whine and groan.

Ooooh, my body. Didn't Forge mention something about a hot tub or something? Because ... SO WANT NOW.

I think maybe five miles was a bit too many. Definitely glad tomorrow is a slow and easy 2 mile day.

Forge! My hot tub, sir!
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2007-11-24 04:03 am

In the wee dark hours of insomnia.

I have the overwhelming urge to find a fedora and bullwhip and explore the depths of the attic. 
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2007-11-10 11:39 am

Good morning.

I have half a dozen pomegranates and am willing to share.